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What is planned giving? 

Planned giving means any donations which are planned in advance or scheduled on a regular basis. 

Why should I consider planned giving?

Your partnership is important to us.  Your dedication to our God-given mission allows us to serve the men and women, and their families, who toil behind the scenes to make racing possible.


When you partner with us through planned giving you are letting us know this partnership means as much to you as it does to those we serve.  You allow us to raise and broaden our level of service and make our budgeting process more concrete and helpful.

How may I start to plan?

  • Donations given on a regular basis:

Your donations to the NY Chaplaincy may be scheduled on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.  You may change the schedule or the amount at any time.  Click here to schedule your ongoing donation to the NY Chaplaincy today.

-Donations planned in advance:

In consultation with your tax advisor, you may plan donations in advance through many estate planning tools.  Examples of such tools include naming a charitable bequest in your will, naming the NY Chaplaincy as beneficiary of a life insurance policy, IRA, or other assets, a charitable gift annuity, or charitable remainder trust.  Please have your tax advisor get in touch with us so that we may give them any information they require.  (

Here are our legal details:


Race Track Chaplaincy of America Metro NY Division

Street Address:

2150 Hempstead Turnpike

Elmont, NY 11003


Mailing Address:

PO Box 37191

Elmont, NY 11003


Tax ID:  27-0485424

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